My Runescape Crew

I love all my rs friends <3 here are profiles of my main friends! Hover over the pictures for full size images.

  • Username: Dreamzr / PAPERMOON09
  • Date Joined: Started in 2006 but played on and off
  • Favourite Skill: I like farming and construction in member. Range is my favorite in f2p.
  • Favourite Item: My bow! I take it everywhere. I recently got a baby troll who I also take everywhere now. His name is Tomato.
  • Favourite thing to do in RS: I only do clan war now. I waste a lot of time in white portal. It is fun when I can join a friend chat and battle in purple portal.
  • # of 99s: People tell me to get 99 range since I am so close to it but I am not really into racing to get 99 for anything. If I keep doing what I have been doing the pass YEAR, my first 99 might be defense. Maybe then my player will not die so easily at clan war. Of course that may take a few years if I still play!
  • Tips for noobs: There is more to rs than range