I made this website for my runescape account called L O V E Bee. Here is my profile:

  • Username: L O V E Bee
  • Date Joined: 2007 officially, but played on my brother's account occasionally from 2006.
  • Favourite Skill: I had a pretty "long" runescape career.. my first favourite skill was ranged, it was also my first 99. I got 1-88 in f2p, took four years lol. I loved ranged because I pretty much owned everyone with it.. but my ultimate and most rewarding skill was Construction! It is so much fun, I'm a creative person and I loved how it gave me the opportunity to be creative in my fav game!
  • Favourite Item: Stealing creation Hammer - only because I don't have any other..maybe maple short bow
  • Favourite thing to do in RS: Used to be clan wars for like 6 years, then came house parties. I love house partying.
  • # of 99s: 4 - Ranged, Fishing, Crafting and Construction
  • Tips for noobs: MAKE RICH FRIENDS

My Current Stats
January 2018. I don't train in RS anymore, I don't have the patience for it lol. The only skill I usually do, if I'm in the mood or need money, is fishing. I love to fish rocktails. My perfect money combo: afkable + good worth, right now they are 3k each.


Fan Art by RS/GreenStatic