Welcome to my website.

In this website you will learn a lot about my account,
L O V E Bee, my runescape friends and my achievements.
I played Runescape from the ages of 15-22 and I wanted to make this web to store all my memories.

Currently, I am not playing any games. This web is basically a fun project that I did to occupy my time in my winter break. Hope you all enjoy it. Don't forget to sign my guestbook and leave your lovely comments <3

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MAR.31.2024 - 4:31 PM

I made a discord finally: SameenRox. Also I added photo of my RS stats in the about me page. I realized the 2016 was quite outdated.

DEC.30.2023 - 6:57 PM

How's everyone? I got back from Hawaii couple of days ago and I had a pleasant surprise.. one of my earliest friends from R S, Sparten 130 ( you can see his profile on my friends page) contacted through one of my old random sites lol xD I didn't even know that site was active lol. Anyhow, alls well and he's doing great, he also informed me that he finally got bunch of 99s! so I'm updating his profile today. :D
Also.. he let me know my chat box was locked all this time.. so I just turned it on again..

APRIL.24.2022 - 1:34 PM

I plan on making a new personal web "old web" style soon :D p.s. MISS ALL my old RS FRIENDS

JULY.09.2021 - 11:21 AM

I was feeling randomly nostalgic today and decided to delve into this website.. P.S. mISS THE OLDEN DAYS !! being an adult is boring :[

NOV.19.2017 - 8:31 PM

Just saying Hi to my visitors :D and recent followers. I am not a gamer anymore as I am not playing any games. Part of me wants to play RS or some other MMORPG again but I am too busy and the field I am in requires me to be open minded lol. For those who are interested in contacting me, you can message me using my chat box on my site, I check it couple of times a year lol. I really like neocities because of its nostalgic quality haha plus its the easiest website builder I have used, I will probably make a new site soon... so look out for that. Thanks for visiting.

OCT.1.2016 - 2:30 AM

I received my first fan art pic by GreenStaticc! Check it out on the About page. Check out youtube vids I'm in: link

MAY.31.2016 - 2 AM

Added 99 ranged picture and some funny zezima pics in the pictures page.

FEBRUARY.10.2016 - 2AM

Finally updated Zoidberg's # 99s.

JANUARY.11.2016 - 7PM

Good news! almost every single page is done.

JANUARY.10.2016 - 4PM

I am happy that I finished most of the coding for this site. Pictures ,Guestbook (say Hi!) and home page are done.. woooooooohooo..GO CHECK THEM OUT <3