Welcome to my website.

In this website you will learn a lot about my account,
L O V E Bee, my runescape friends and my achievements.
I played Runescape from the ages of 15-22 and I wanted to make this web to store all my memories.

Currently, I am not playing any games. This web is basically a fun project that I did to occupy my time in my winter break. Hope you all enjoy it. Don't forget to sign my guestbook and leave your lovely comments <3

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APRIL.24.2022 - 1:34 PM

I plan on making a new personal web "old web" style soon :D p.s. MISS ALL my old RS FRIENDS

JULY.09.2021 - 11:21 AM

I was feeling randomly nostalgic today and decided to delve into this website.. P.S. mISS THE OLDEN DAYS !! being an adult is boring :[

NOV.19.2017 - 8:31 PM

Just saying Hi to my visitors :D and recent followers. I am not a gamer anymore as I am not playing any games. Part of me wants to play RS or some other MMORPG again but I am too busy and the field I am in requires me to be open minded lol. For those who are interested in contacting me, you can message me using my chat box on my site, I check it couple of times a year lol. I really like neocities because of its nostalgic quality haha plus its the easiest website builder I have used, I will probably make a new site soon... so look out for that. Thanks for visiting.

OCT.1.2016 - 2:30 AM

I received my first fan art pic by GreenStaticc! Check it out on the About page. Check out youtube vids I'm in: https://youtu.be/8jX_yE2iCeQ

MAY.31.2016 - 2 AM

Added 99 ranged picture and some funny zezima pics in the pictures page.

FEBRUARY.10.2016 - 2AM

Finally updated Zoidberg's # 99s.

JANUARY.11.2016 - 7PM

Good news! almost every single page is done.

JANUARY.10.2016 - 4PM

I am happy that I finished most of the coding for this site. Pictures ,Guestbook (say Hi!) and home page are done.. woooooooohooo..GO CHECK THEM OUT <3